Design for UX, UI, Branding and Web


WorkCast is an enterprise-level online event company specialising in webinars, webcasts, hybrid events and virtual events.

Work on the WorkCast platform includes interaction, UX and product design.

WorkCast Studio showing Virtual Stage
WorkCast tabbed Chat Pod example
WorkCast Virtual Stage showing presenter UI
WorkCast Reel event template concept screens

Riverside Sunderland

Riverside Sunderland is a project to regenerate a large area of Sunderland City Centre.

Design of this brochure website stripped back the distinctive bold Riverside Sunderland branding, pairing with aspirational images of Sunderland's future to appeal to residents, businesses and investors.

Riverside Sunderland home screen
Riverside Sunderland home screen design
Riverside Sunderland about screen
Elements from Riverside Sunderland website

Community Reuse Network

Community Reuse Network is a system enabling local charities to process donation, transportation, refurbishment and sale of furniture and other items.

The system can be used to manage items from the point of picking up a donation, through refurbishment and warehousing, purchase on-site and delivery to a customer.

Community Reuse Network home screen design
Community Reuse Network logo design
Community Reuse Network, logo dark background
Community Reuse Network, home screen fully scrolled
Community Reuse Network, item collection screen
Community Reuse Network, item purchase screen
Community Reuse Network illustration

Nissan Developer Portal

The Nissan Developer Portal is a system that allows developers to register and use Nissan APIs in their applications.

Design is simple but adheres to the Nissan Global Brand Guidelines. Imagery and icons on featured pages adds a feel setting the developer portal aside from other Nissan websites.

Nissan Developer Portal home screen design
Nissan Developer Portal login screen
Nissan Developer Portal, API information finding and registration process
Nissan Developer Portal, styleguide screen

Peerz Academy

Peerz Academy is an online peer to peer tutoring system aimed at 15-21 year olds. System users include parents, learners, tutors and various levels of administrator, all with different goals.

The design of the system is centred around breaking down processes, such as verifying learners and booking sessions, into a series of steps with progress displayed clearly.

Peerz Academy home screen design
Peerz Academy logo design
Peerz Academy wider branding design
Peerz Academy home screen design, landscape
Peerz Academy, lesson booking process screens
Peerz Academy, microphone and sound check process screens
Peerz Academy dashboard card components
Peerz Academy process indicator component
Peerz Academy session status card
Peerz Academy illustration for learners
Peerz Academy illustration, character head styles
Peerz Academy illustration for tutors
Peerz Academy illustration for parents

MAKE it Sunderland

The MAKE it Sunderland website is a brochure site providing news and information to companies interested in locating to or investing in Sunderland.

Imagery was chosen to showcase the choices of location, quality of life and the already busy manufacturing and tech sectors in Sunderland.

MAKE it Sunderland home screen design
MAKE it Sunderland home screen, changing hero image
MAKE it Sunderland information screen design, full scroll
MAKE it Sunderland information screen sections

Consult & Design

Brand development work for Drupal agency Consult and Design. Developed with the aim of "showing we’re human, we have personality, a sense of humour. We want to break the mould, we’ve evolved, we want something clear, crisp and stripped back".

Consult & Design logo design
Consult & Design website, team page wide layout
Consult & Design early business card concepts
Consult & Design selected pages from brand guidelines
Consult & Design, brochure cover
Consult & Design, brochure section title spread
Consult & Design, brochure inner spread